Monday, March 1, 2010

Cook Off & Carnival Pictures!

Cazadores Cook Off Tent w/New Buddy Ashley!
Finding my inner Cow Girl & Eating Some Tasty Sausage
Saturday The Crew (-Khanh) on our way to the Carnival @ the Rodeo!
Campy & Tito
<---Darren to the side

Kassi's first shuttle ride!

Butter and Little Lalo!

Ready for FUN!
Why does Sara look as small as the kids in the group?

Have You Hugged a Banana Today?
Sara said, "Awe, I want to take a picture with that banana"
I said "Lets do it"!

Sara and her moment with the big banana!

Kassi liked the Bush's Baked Beans Meal! Look at that smile!

Sara Chunking a TRES! (Only official "CREW" members are authorized)

The littles getting their grub on!

My mini crew! Our little family!

I had a great weekend with the boy and the girl. I also spent a lot of time with the crew, which is always a great time. I have so many pictures and so much fun news to share but will have to do it another day. Really..believe me, I did narrow it down for this post.
More to come....
PS: My fabulous friend Yolanda is starting her own blog too! Yay! I am so excited.
It will be fun to keep up with you and your loved ones on here. I hope you get a few others to join you. I will be watching your every move from this point forward (not in a creepy way either). Ha ha.
Happy Monday! 1st Day of the Week, 1st Day of the Month, 1st Fresh Day for
(More on that next month!)


Anonymous said...

Oh what a pretty cowgirls you all are :) Looks like a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing the pic's...Grandma loves her pictures :) Love Momma

Stephanie said...

Looks like a fabulous time!!
I love the rodeo and the cookoff!!