Friday, November 30, 2007


So I missed a day of work and a day of blogging because Wednesday night I wrecked my car (aka Colby). No, I wasn't in an accident...I managed to crash my own car. I am not hurt and neither was the concrete median that I hit (yes, my Insurance company actually asked me if there was damage to the concrete?).
I guess this is all due to my inability to navigate downtown. What happened you ask. I was home in bed like a good girl and my phone rings. It is my friend who is like "HEY, COME TO TAILGATE". Why I went with this urge to get up in the middle of the night to meet up with people is beyond me, I guess I like to live on the edge. So I stumble around my room and get dressed, grab my keys and incredibly navigate my way out through a maze of cars in the parking lot. Seriously, this took some actual skill squeezing my Cobalt through 2 SUV's. My friend Yolanda is still puzzled about how I got that far. So I make it out and head toward downtown. Now if you've known me for some time you will know that me driving downtown *at night* is never without its recourse. I am trying to find the last street that will lead me to a LEFT turn. I soon realize that I have passed all of those and now I am forced to turn RIGHT. So I panic and act as if this is the end of the world, I'll never get to go in the direction I am needing to go when suddenly I look up to see the magical exit sign that reads Memorial and Houston Ave. With much excitement I turn my steering wheel to the left thinking I have avoided the long haul up I45 North and the dreaded U-Turn to get back on the path to my destination. My happiness was very short lived when I suddenly realize some genius thought there should be a big concrete median separating the I45 North ramp and this heavenly exit road to midtown. Who does that? What happened to the pretty painted lines that people will normally zoom over to get to their most desired destination. Nooo, I hit the SOB going about 45 mph. I did have about a millisecond of reaction time so I did apply the brakes while screaming "OH Shhhh" <--you get the idea). So there I am sitting in my poor little car, shaken but not hurt. Things don't seem too bad. I get out of my car and realize my door is a bit jammed. I manage to get the door open and see that my front end is pushed up to the side of my door. The car is still running so I think, okay tires are not out of commission no worries, I'll simply take 45N and make my Uturn and be on my way. So I get back into my car, put the baby into 1st gear and NOTHING. I put it into reverse and again NOTHING.
See what happens because I thought I was saving myself a few extra minutes. So here comes the squad car with 2 police officers. I immediately run over to them to ask what street I am on so I can send for help. They have no idea. I inform them of my incident and they kindly call a wrecker truck to move my vehicle which has now become quite an obstacle for the other people coming onto this feeder road. The officer informs me that he has seen this same accident many times at this onramp I am like HELLO paint the thing white or yellow or ever heard of REFLECTORS! Maybe he was trying to make me feel better and had never actually seen anyone else try to evil kenevil it across this road. So the Wrecker driver comes and loads up my car. The officers ask me to get into the squad car so we can move to a safer location, this makes sense to me. So off we go. They end up dropping me off near the 5th Ward. I think I was safer on the ramp with oncoming traffic. Meanwhile, I am calling my friend to come rescue me but nobody knows the names of the crossroads near us. So after an hour or so my friend finally finds me and the officer is asking me if I am okay to go with this person because he heard me telling him "I'm sorry" on the phone and "I really appreciate this". I was simply being polite to my friend who we had driving around in circles from midtown (<-my original destination) to The Heights (Nellie is familiar with this area and Houston Ave.!!). How is it that these officers couldn't give directions to the spot where they dropped me off? So after all that I finally made it home and spent my Thursday calling my Insurance company and making arrangements to pick up my rental car. Thank god for my insurance. Everyone who was involved was just great with me so I am thankful for all of those involved with my rescue. LOL Lesson learned, If I am in bed and the phone rings with an invite to go out, JUST STAY IN BED. I will post pictures of my Colby soon. Poor poor COLBY.

Little Elves Dance

Click below to watch a special dance!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Plans

Tis the season to be Jolly! I have gotten my little ones christmas wish lists and they are just too adorable. I only have to go to two stores to shop for them. You ready....Lauren's list is mostly composed of items from Bed, Bath & Beyond. She wants a towel warmer, a neck warmer, a foot spa, the CLAW (as seen on TV) as well as various other items. The girl is 8. She wants a day at the SPA. OMG, too cute. My son's gifts will come from or Academy. He wants Denver Bronco gear *that's my boy*, UT stuff, Under Armour shirts, Melo shoes etc. The one thing I am noticing is that-these days his wish list items are no longer in the $15-$25 price range. That is okay though, they are good kids (the best really) and they deserve these special things. For the past couple years after Christmas they take a look around at all the gifts they have gotten from everyone and decide to donate a couple items to other kids. This was my daughter's idea a couple years ago. Now you know why Nellie calls them the Stepford Kids. I love shopping for them so I couldn't be more excited. Happy Holidays!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My First Blog!

I am setting up my first Blog thanks to my friend Stephanie. I hope everyone enjoys it. The holidays are here and I couldn't be more excited. My babies come back from Washington State very soon, how much more can I ask for! I had a very nice Thanksgiving but I was actually looking forward to coming back to work. I guess too much turkey and football. Both of my teams lost this weekend which never makes me a happy gal, but they were still fun games to watch. I actually got in on the college games too. There is just something about Thanksgiving weekend and the old pigskin. Too bad it was so rainy and cold over the holiday. I guess living in Houston has me spoiled. My little sister told me it was snowing in Colorado. I was on my way to work this morning and what do I see, the SUN the blue SKIES! It is still chilly though.