Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

July 4th Weekend: Holly Visits Lalo!!

Yay! Today Holly got her ticket to come visit me from Denver! She will be here over the July 4th holiday. I am so excited. I just love when friends and family come to visit.
I am trying to convince her to move here one day. Any suggestions on what we MUST do while she is here? Let me know. I have known Holly since I was 14 years old and we became the best of friends when we started to play soccer together at the age of 15. She didn't play our Freshman year. To make the story more amazing is we both went to one high school in our hometown, had French class together didn't talk a whole lot and ended up running into one another at another school the next year. We were meant to be life long friends. You'll remember I did a post on her for her Birthday!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Relaxing Girls Weekend

Dinner @ Landry's on the Riverwalk.
Gigi & I endorse the SMART car
The cute gazebo in the courtyard by our room
Gigi & Lalo (Both in Yellow!)

Lalo taking in the sunshine @ the Riverwalk. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the great outdoors!

Cedric enjoyed being in San Antonio too! His next trip is New Mexico.

I was able to score my HRC Pilsner & Shot glasses. I now collect them thanks in part to my sis getting me started on it. I am running out of room to put these things.

People were waiting for the "Fiesta" Parade to start for hours, some people waited for days.

We had a very nice time. You all know how I love being outside.

Friday, April 25, 2008


The Little Monkey Pie and her Monkey Towel!
Lauren is ready for the weekend: Birthday party for her cousin Angel on Saturday at Grandma's house and they are going to a school carnival with their Uncle tonight. Because these kids grow so fast I took them to Target and bought them new swim gear. Including the cool 3D Hooded Towels. Lauren got the Monkey (of course) and Darren got a Shark. I know he likes it but you know he is getting at that age where he has to act cool and not get excited about it. At least that is what I tell myself. LOL Which reminds me. Last week I told him I was going to go have lunch with him at his school. He was like cool. When he got to school, he mentioned it to one of his friends and his friend told him, "Wow, that is embarrassing!" Darren said he looked at him and said, "Whatever, I want her to come". Too cute. They haven't gotten into that whole stage yet where they don't want me around. He is sure to give me a kiss on the cheek when I drop him off at school. He is such a little sweetie.
The kids will be playing on this fun slide at their cousins 9th Birthday party. This thing is fun! Even for the adults. Plus they will get to swim in the pool. They will probably come back tan and Lauren with her highlights. I hope the weather hold out for them.

Just Lalo at the Office
It is Friday and I am excited about that. This week has just gone by so fast! I am learning so many things at my new job and I think it is going very well. I have a lot to do though. I went from a department of about 100 people to a department of 2 and the other guy is only here about a day and a half out of the week. Funny they didn't mention that in the interview. I do like it here so far so no worries.
I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

THURSDAY THIRTEEN, Things To Do In San Antonio

Gigi & I are traveling to San Antonio this weekend. We will be taking Cedric (our Gnome) with us to enjoy the Riverwalk and we'll stay at a beautiful 4 star hotel on the water!

1. We will be able to take pictures and people watch

2. We get to check out the night life on the "WALK"

3. We can spend our mornings laying out at the pool-Getting Tan-

4.We can just relax and leave our worries at home

5. We can visit Howl @ The Moon or The Comedy Club

6. Go the the Arts Museum

7. Check out "Fiesta San Antonio"

8. Run into Cederic the Entertainer?? He is performing Friday evening

9. Shop, Shop, Shop

10. Visit the Alamo

11. Ride the River Boat

12. Dine outdoors


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekend Fun Pictures (4/13/2008)

Aren't they cute? We were on our way to Herman Park
Taking in the sun before the show
IMAX 3D: Dinosaurs!
Look how BIG these glasses are!
Lauren showing us her 6 EYES :-)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-Events This Week

  1. Quit my job downtown

  2. Restored my maiden name

  3. Paid off a VERY OLD bill (Finally) Yay!

  4. Cut my hair-AGAIN-

  5. Started a new job (good thing since I quit the old one)

  6. Sat in traffic this morning! Commute time yesterday was approximately 40 minutes-this morning 1 hour and 5 minutes due to a stalled 18 wheeler.

  7. Reconnected with a good friend from High School-discovered that not only does she have a 4 year old boy (I knew that) but that she also now has 15 month old TWINS!!!

  8. Brought my lunch to work YAY!

  9. Made my own coffee-No more coffee with Gina in the morning

  10. Ate an apple for breakfast instead of an Otto's breakfast burrito

  11. Found out that Lauren is not allowed to wear nail polish to school

  12. Got a really pretty necklace & earring set from Ruth. She is so sweet

  13. Finished filling a very important task-not my taxes-but has a lot to do with money! Gina and Danielle are so proud of me!

Photo from camera phone-a little dark! I have my angel from manager at previous job to look over me and guide me in my new ventures.
Greetings all! I have been running around like a chicken without a head lately. As some of you already know, I have started a new job with another Oil Company. Today is day 2 and it seems to be going pretty good. I have a lot to learn.

It is already going to be another weekend I can't believe it. I quit my other job on a Monday! Bizarre right? I mean, who quits on a Monday? Lalo!! I miss all my dear friends downtown already. I hope everyone is doing well.

I have pictures from last weekend that I will have to post at another time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Photo Meme!

I got this from Stephanie's Blog! Here's a fun meme! Answer the questions below. Take your answer to Google Images and then post the pictures that answer your questions. Make sure there's a picture for every answer. And to make this more fun, don't use any of your own pictures. Find them all from Google. Then tag some of your friends to join in the fun!
1. A place you'd like to travel: Greece
2. Favorite Food: Mousaka (It's a Greek Dish)
3. Favorite Dessert: Apple Pie a La Mode

4. Your name: Laura

5. Favorite Animal: A Liger!! ha ha (Cross breed of a Lion & Tiger)
Click here to watch a video on Liger's

6. Your pets: Jetty Poo
7. Your favorite singer/band: Keith Urban
8. Your city: Houston!!
9. Current Job: In the Oil Business
10. Favorite Author: Alice Sebold
11. Favorite Color: Orange

12. Bad Habit: Getting Tickets
13. Favorite Object: My diamond necklace

14. Favorite Actor: Josh Harnett

15. Favorite Song: Iris-Goo Goo Dolls

So Tiny!

A Brilliant Beautiful Baby Boy by Nellie!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Tuesday, April 8, 2008



17" LONG


(If Stephanie will let me use her cord again! Ha Ha)

*Not actual baby!!

Old Pictures from last week

The Scrabble Champ!
Poor little thing, she has such a tiny nose her glasses always slide down her little face.
Don't be looking for our mistakes. This was Darren and Lauren's first Srabble game. I don't think they did too bad. Most of the 2-3 letter words are mine! LOL

I didn't have time to take many pictures hence the reason most of them were blury. I was running around the table while we were playing the games trying to take some snapshots. See how deep in thought they are. Too cute.

Eat, think, play!

She won the Bottle of Kisses! That bottle is almost as big as she is!

BTW, Congrats to CK on the arrival of her new baby boy Carson Felix! So happy for her. That bottle is more her size and his.

Darren gaming it at CC's!

Darren and Lauren with Christian to celebrate his 10th Birthday!

Chipmunk Cheeks! Ha ha.