Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Past

My big sister Julie and I (1977)

Darren & Lauren 2004

Darren & Lauren 2004


Practice makes Perfect
Me, Brandi, Rae & Rick
Julie, Aunt Roni & Uncle Mike

The Family
Rae, Mom, Me, Julie & Fwed
Julie and Grandma Duck

Ricky and I
(representin The Broncos and The Nuggets)

Rockin Christmas Night


My babies Christmas 2005

My family! Julie, Fwed, Mom and RaeAnne

13. Remembering how simple life was in Pueblo
12. Seeing how much things change and how they remain the same
11. Eating at my favorite restaurants *going to one today*
10. Waking up to snow on the ground and not having to go to work in it. VACATION!!
9. Momma's home cooking
8. Seeing all my out of town family
7. Laughing with my sisters
6. Playing ROCK BAND Christmas evening
5. Giving gifts to my loved ones
4. Seeing all my nieces and nephews (dogs and cats)
3. Hanging out in the kitchen drinking coffee
2. Eating until you just can't eat anymore
1. PHOTO SHOOT-Saying cheese for camera for 7 days straight

Friday, December 21, 2007

Gone Until New Years Eve!!

Winter View of my hometown above, Brrrrr! I'll be freezing!
Summer View of my hometown above (Beautiful Blue Skies)

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Some fun facts about my hometown:
Pueblo, CO Profile

Pueblo, CO, population 103,495, is located in Colorado's Pueblo county, about 41.7 miles from Colorado Springs and 102.7 miles from Aurora.
Through the 90's Pueblo's population has grown by about 4%. It is estimated that in the first 5 years of this decade the population of Pueblo has grown by about 1%.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let It Grow IV

Day 4/10 I have decided to join the race and have added the Grow Some Mistletoe, the above photo shows before it enters the water.
The first Drop 12/19/07

24 Hours in the Punch Bowl, I have already caught up to the others. See Santa snowglobe for scale. AWESOME!!

Nellie's flake standing all by itself, she has raised this snow flake to stand alone and stand tall-Ahh-MAZE-ING! This must be one BRILLIANT snowflake

"Jingles" is still growing. Good job Mikey!

Stephanie's Snow Flake, hmm I am thinking she may need a bigger container if she wants to stay in this race.


13. A Snowman Ornament (I broke it) (Gigi)
12. A FWE Angel (all of us gals got one) (Janice)
11. Pretty Nail Polish (Nellie)
10. Snowman Candle Holder (Ruth)
9. Lollipop Soap (Steph)
8. RL Sweater (Myers)
7. Victoria Secret (Floosie Lotion) (Gigi)
6. "Let It Snow" Blinky Santa Button (Mikey)
5. Hope Candle (Benke)
4. Liquor Filled Chocolates (Nellie)
3. Ginger Bread Cookies (made w/love from my family Nellie & B)
2. Rascal Flatts CD (Gina)

1. Super Glue (Steph) <---much needed item!!
Thank you everyone! I got so many cute things from you all. Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let It Grow III

Day 3: It looks like the growth is slowing up a bit. I wonder what the next 24 hrs. will bring?
The bird's eye view. It's looking good.

Meet "Jingles" who is becoming such a big boy, Mike has done a good job raising this little elf

Here we have Stephanie's SnowFlake, it looks so big in that tiny glass

She insists it isn't the glass, that it is actually bigger then Nellie's. I sense some competetion in da house

Here is the "Grow a Mistletoe" before shot. All items were about this size in the beginning stage


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let It Grow (Part Deux)

24 Hours in the Tank!
Can you see the growth? See yesterdays pictures and compare.

How Fast they Grow!

The above photo was taken December 2004 (I think) lol! See how tiny she is!
This photo was taken this year! They grow up way too quickly! *tear*
I guess the boy is too old to take a photo with Santa.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow!

Here it is, the GROWING SNOWFLAKE. This one is Nellie's and I don't know if she has named it yet but she has taken the liberty of putting it inside a Ginormous VASE to let it expand in some water and hopefully reach its full growth potential of becoming 600% bigger.

Right now our little snowflake has been in its tank for approximately 4 hours. She has reported a milky substance forming all around it. We have taken the liberty of putting our mini Santa snow globe next to it so we can better see our results. The snowglobe measures 1.5" wide by 1.75" tall.

Little did I know when I found these little creatures that they require up to 10 days to reach maximum size so of course I was criticized for not buying them sooner. Like she said, this can be considered my little gift to them to help them understand the virtue of PATIENCE. Don't forget to come back and visit to check his progress………

Weekend Update!

I had a very nice weekend. We started off Friday evening by meeting up with the gang and went to a dinner/movie way over in BFE. We saw I am Legend and we literally felt like we were apart of this movie on a few occasions. I liked the movie quite a bit. It was so intense and stressful. We were at the edge of our seats throughout.
Lalo rates this movie a ****1/2 stars!

The rest of the weekend was of course spent Christmas shopping. What a mess. We headed to Memorial City Mall and shopped til we dropped. I almost lost a couple of fingers carrying all those bags. I am about 90% done. I will be battling the crowds again on Thursday or Friday. As soon as I got home Sunday evening, I put the little reindeers to work. Aren't they cute.

I actually got crafty this weekend too. I had a lot of fun putting together my co-worker/friends stockings. I was pretty proud of myself with the glitter glue. See, Yolanda isn't the only one with skill and talent. :-) I hope everyone likes them. I have a few more to produce tonight so I'll try to take more pictures. I told Yolanda, "Dang, I wish I was MY friend". I wanted to keep one for myself. Ha

I swear I wasn't throwing any gang signs as seen in the above photo. I think they caught me in the middle of some other gesture. We met up with Yolanda's ex S.I.L. for some good ol'fashion Karoke. I actually sang "Spiderwebs" and didn't do too bad. Well, nobody threw anything at me so I guess I did okay. We had a lot of fun!

Proof I got up there

They wanted a piece of me after my performance. You know I have to support the fans!! Happy Monday to everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2007


The Fantasy Ski Team met up this past Wednesday to finalize plans (drink wine) for our upcoming trip to STEAMBOAT (hence the title "Steamy Drinks" y'all) this January 25th. We were surprised that we have not 1 but 2 newbies this year. The more the merrier RIGHT!
Say Queso! Gina, myself, David (The Entertainer) and Ann

I don't recall where that stamp came from but the wine was yummy!

GiGi and Bill (The Music Man)
If you look to the top left corner you can make out the NEW recruits

It is now a complete party, we ran into Tish!!

The NEW Guy! I think his name is Trond I don't know if he can handle our team

The Argyle Twins
Myers (The Coordinator) Randolf (The Wine Connisseur)
The men have a purpose on the trip as you can see from above titles, the women are just required to go and have fun. Doesn't SUCK!

It's A Suite Life

As you all know I was born a Broncos fan, so when my ski buddy called me up and asked me to join him at the game I almost fell out of my chair. I had been trying to get tickets on eBay and on Craigs List with no luck. It doesn't help that my budget is a bit restricted at this time. I had an awesome time and I even ran into an old classmate. How crazy is that?? Small world! Too bad my guys lost but it was really a win win situation for me because I am also a Texans fan. People in the stands must of thought I was nuts because I was cheering for both the offense and the defense at the same time!!!

David and I enjoying a cold one together!
My Big Bear!

Ashley and her man, our suite attendant hopped on in. She is the best and took great care of us!

A little Post Game Tailgating!

People clear out pretty fast!

My awesome view of the game!

I think they were reviewing the play. They all look so small here!