Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let It Grow III

Day 3: It looks like the growth is slowing up a bit. I wonder what the next 24 hrs. will bring?
The bird's eye view. It's looking good.

Meet "Jingles" who is becoming such a big boy, Mike has done a good job raising this little elf

Here we have Stephanie's SnowFlake, it looks so big in that tiny glass

She insists it isn't the glass, that it is actually bigger then Nellie's. I sense some competetion in da house

Here is the "Grow a Mistletoe" before shot. All items were about this size in the beginning stage


Stephanie said...

That's because mine IS bigger than hers. That means it's better :) Haha!

Nellie said...

Hey, I'm not the type to argue over whose bigger. Notice that we both have the same deformed piece of flake :(

Amanda said...

I can't wait to get mine in water!!

Oh, and I love your blog makeover!! :)

Merry Christmas!