Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The window is not broken. I guess I just left it rolled down when they towed the car away. Look how dirty and sad COLBY looks!
Now you can see why I was not able to venture off after the incident. I didn't know tires can hold this angle!
Still no word from the Body Shop on the extent of the damage. I will have to call them later today to see what all needs to be repaired. I am missing my little car. For now I am driving a Nissan Altima *automatic* and it is so foreign to me. I keep trying to push the clutch in and I am constantly holding the shifter ready to change gears. I have also discovered that brakes seem to work (easier) in this rental car. I have almost put myself through the windshield a couple times. I guess you just get use to shifting down or taking your foot off the gas-the car will slow down on its own. People question how I drive a standard in Houston traffic but I guess you just get use to it. I really hope my car is ready very soon.


Stephanie said...

So glad you are okay! That poor car... :(