Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Update

Saturday most of you know was our Company Christmas Party, which is always a treat. We were served the most interesting meal. My only major complaint was the fact that the wait staff kept taking our wine glasses away and they served our plates a little on the rough side. I think the salad was my favorite part. The music of course catered to the majority of our companies taste therefore we headed for the long Valet line shortly after the door prizes. We kidnapped CK from the party and dragged her to midtown with us. I guess we figured it isn't everyday we look this cute and we sure weren't ready to head home. So after dancing the night away we went to the hood for Breakfast. The food was fantastically unhealthy and the crowd sure was puzzled as to how we fit into the scene here. All in all it was it was a lovely evening.

Yesterday I just layed around the house and watched movies most of the day. I finally saw SUPER BAD, which was a tad on the Super UGH list. Definitely a guys flick but it did have a couple humorous parts. I am looking to go to the Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos game this Thursday night so let's all hope I can find some good tickets! Happy Monday everyone.


Stephanie said...

Fun times!! You looked gorgeous!