Friday, December 14, 2007


The Fantasy Ski Team met up this past Wednesday to finalize plans (drink wine) for our upcoming trip to STEAMBOAT (hence the title "Steamy Drinks" y'all) this January 25th. We were surprised that we have not 1 but 2 newbies this year. The more the merrier RIGHT!
Say Queso! Gina, myself, David (The Entertainer) and Ann

I don't recall where that stamp came from but the wine was yummy!

GiGi and Bill (The Music Man)
If you look to the top left corner you can make out the NEW recruits

It is now a complete party, we ran into Tish!!

The NEW Guy! I think his name is Trond I don't know if he can handle our team

The Argyle Twins
Myers (The Coordinator) Randolf (The Wine Connisseur)
The men have a purpose on the trip as you can see from above titles, the women are just required to go and have fun. Doesn't SUCK!


Steph said...

I think you will be skiing the same time I will be in NY - NOT SKIING! :) Hope you have a blast!