Tuesday, December 11, 2007


1. I was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado as were both of my parents
2. I am the middle child
3. I went snow skiing for the first time when I was 27 years old
4. I don’t like chocolate
5. My favorite holiday is Christmas Eve
6. I love to watch cooking shows even though I don’t cook much
7. I am not a domestic goddess
8. I am a big kid and enjoy doing silly things with my kids
9. I have two beautiful children
10. I am a single Mom
11. I love my bedding (all down)
12. I prefer to have the radio on then the TV
13. I am a Sex In the City fanatic
14. My alcoholic beverage of choice is BEER
15. I have been a Denver Broncos fan since birth
16. I don’t remember my dreams once I am awake
17. I am not a good listener because I am easily distracted
18. I enjoy talking on the phone as long as it is under 15 minutes
19. I enjoy reading a good book when it is cold outside
20. I hit the snooze button as much as possible
21. I haven’t spent over $20 at the grocery store in over 6 months
22. I don’t balance my checking account
23. I played soccer all four years of high school
24. I google everything
25. I have been a secretary/assistant for over 6 years
26. I got my first car when I was 18
27. I graduated when I was 17
28. I went to three out of the five high schools in my hometown
29. I drive a standard
30. I cherish my friendships
31. Once a year I take a “girls only vacation”
32. I love shrimp
33. I have deep meaningful conversations with my children
34. My kids fight over who is going to help my around the house
35. I am a Cancer Crab
36. I hate getting pedicures
37. My favorite color is Orange
38. I can speak French (better after a few drinks)
39. I have never left the USA
40. I don’t mind being 30
41. I am a big procrastinator
42. I do not have cravings
43. I have been to Disney Land
44. I saw the ocean for the first time when I was 20
45. I have lived in 3 states
46. I can be very stubborn
47. I have had one broken bone
48. I have been in four car accidents, never been hurt
49. I don’t have a problem going out alone
50. I have been in love 2 times
51. I have had my heart broken once and have broke a heart once
52. I sell stuff on ebay
53. I have never sold anything at a pawn shop
54. I love going to concerts
55. Every Wednesday I hang out with my best friend
56. I love photo albums and can look at them over and over
57. I don’t like cold lunch meat
58. I am closest to my younger sister RaeAnne (in my family)
59. I usually over pay my bills (including electric and water)
60. I love to people watch
61. I am on Myspace but I only log on about once a month
62. I enjoy going to sporting events
63. I met a guy on the bus 2 years ago and we are email buddies
64. I have one niece named Riley but I don’t get to see her very often
65. My parents have the same first name (Gerri & Jerry)
66. I have performed at the Colorado State Fair (dance)
67. I cannot sing
68. When I was little I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer
69. I can keep a secret
70. I do not like to baby sit
71. I hate the Marcarena
72. I think Conan O’Brien is hilarious
73. People think I bleach my teeth
74. My average commute time to work is 25 minutes each way
75. My best friend has a shrine of us in her house
76. I don’t have a passport
77. I tend to misplace everything
78. I think my ex stole my wedding rings (or it is possible I just misplaced them)
79. My hair doesn’t grow past my shoulders
80. My daughter refills her kisses in my hand so I don’t miss her too much
81. I love CLIP ART
82. I prefer to spend my free time outdoors
83. I collect Hard Rock Café glasses
84. My son gives me foot massages
85. I love when my family comes to visit
86. I have been to 36 out of the 50 states
87. I can listen to the same CD in my car over and over
88. I have not restored my maiden name
89. My kids and I all have birthdays in July on the 8’s (8th, 18th & 28th)
90. I have had my appendix removed
91. I still have my tonsils
92. I try my best to keep a positive attitude
93. I have one tattoo on my back
94. I love chick flicks
95. I prefer salty foods over sweet treats
96. My feet grew half a shoe size after I gave birth
97. Caffeine has no affect on me
98. I do not speak Spanish
99. My goal for 2008 is to travel overseas

100. I usually read and respond to surveys that my friends send out in emails


Stephanie said...

So many things alike and so many things different! I learned a lot! Haha! I was wondering if I'd have to pressure you one day to make a list :)

Nellie said...

I hate to read #70, I will never believe you that you don't bleach your teeth, and you know he stole those rings!

SoldByMike said...

I have now known you for about 2 1/2 weeks and all this is true to heart. It is weird reading about it now that I'm finding these things out about you. It's like a character in a book just came to life. I want to know more....