Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let It Grow IV

Day 4/10 I have decided to join the race and have added the Grow Some Mistletoe, the above photo shows before it enters the water.
The first Drop 12/19/07

24 Hours in the Punch Bowl, I have already caught up to the others. See Santa snowglobe for scale. AWESOME!!

Nellie's flake standing all by itself, she has raised this snow flake to stand alone and stand tall-Ahh-MAZE-ING! This must be one BRILLIANT snowflake

"Jingles" is still growing. Good job Mikey!

Stephanie's Snow Flake, hmm I am thinking she may need a bigger container if she wants to stay in this race.


Stephanie said...

I'll make sure to email pictures from home tomorrow! I'll be back in the race in no time! Poor little flake...he's too fat now.