Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yolanda, Lisa (New Mom) and Susie
My super sweet friend and her husband welcomed a new baby girl! I am so excited to meet her. I have seen some pictures and she is beautiful & I believe already 1 week old today.
12-23-2009 Miya Yvette Escobedo
Congratulations Thomas & Lisa

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Martinis, Wine and Margaritas for Yolanda's Bachelorette Party

The Wedding is in 6 weeks. Wow time really flies! The Bride to Be getting some stuff to make her own Lemon Drop Martinis
The camera would not focus in the Hummer Limo. On our way to the Martini Bar!
Maid Of Honor being a good little Cocktail Waitress
Ebony & I
Laura & Yolanda
Lalo & Tito
Friends since 2004!
I am so excited for her wedding February 6th. She has found her Mr. Right!
We had a lot of fun and everyone was all dolled up.
I learned that Margaritas, Wine and Cheap Champagne are not a good mix. ha ha.
PS-This party was like 2 months ago I just realized I hadn't put any pictures up.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Company Christmas Party 2009

Sara's (non)Cankles! Ha ha. This girl is so crazy.
Getting ready at how my camera makes everything all crazy in the background! Cute designs in our Espresso/Coffee
The Ballroom
A sign that I am about to find LOVE!
Sara loved the decor!
Drinking on the company's dime..Yeah!
Centerpieces made it hard to see the other side of the table.
A little blurry. Sara & I (She was an AWESOME date)
Sara, Lalo, Brooke, Gigi & Tiff
Between Generations (Tiff & Gigi)
Friend Love
Us ladies
Sara & The Ice Bar-Brrr
She was trying to appear as my Conjoined Twin.
BTW-I loved my dress! =)
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Donate Blood-Save Lives!

As you all know, I like to donate blood and have been a member of Commit For Life for almost 2 years now.
When you click this link there is a ticker that shows how many people need blood donations. I was on the site doing some reading and after only a handful of minutes I was already at 154 people. WOW!
The last 2 times I went to donate I was unable to do so because I am anemic and my iron levels were too low. I knew donation time was around the corner and I have been eating lots of good foods high in iron and other vitamins.
It worked, I was able to donate today!
I was also glad my Life Coach donated with me today and I think that it is great our company holds these Blood Drives.

Time for Water and Grapefruit!

*They gave us Juice & Cookies* but...
the package of cookies had more calories than my whole lunch so I opted for my grapefruit at my desk. I have a wedding in less than 2 months and I need to drop some LB's.

More on that topic later.
I will have Christmas Party pictures to post for tomorrow's WW!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

R.I.P. BlackBerry...HELLO iPhone!!

So my BlackBerry bit the dust. It looked older than any other BlackBerry out there but it still worked like a champ UNTIL..the port cable connector thingy got all bent up. It refuses to take a charge. I was briefly heartbroken and then I was advised by many to just go for it and get myself an iPhone.
I am already in love with it and all of its 3G Capabilities (whatever that friggin means) LOL
A lot to catch up on. I will do it soon.
Today I also get a little gift at work for my 4 years of Excellence in Managing Land. Ha ha.
Oooh, and tonight is the Rockets vs. Cavaliers game: COURTSIDE SEATS BOI!!!
Today is a GOOD DAY!
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