Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Company Christmas Party 2009

Sara's (non)Cankles! Ha ha. This girl is so crazy.
Getting ready at how my camera makes everything all crazy in the background! Cute designs in our Espresso/Coffee
The Ballroom
A sign that I am about to find LOVE!
Sara loved the decor!
Drinking on the company's dime..Yeah!
Centerpieces made it hard to see the other side of the table.
A little blurry. Sara & I (She was an AWESOME date)
Sara, Lalo, Brooke, Gigi & Tiff
Between Generations (Tiff & Gigi)
Friend Love
Us ladies
Sara & The Ice Bar-Brrr
She was trying to appear as my Conjoined Twin.
BTW-I loved my dress! =)
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