Friday, April 4, 2008


So you haven't heard from me in a couple days and that is because I was lucky enough to have my wisdome teeth pulled out on Wednesday. My doctor was most excellent. All I remember is them pouring something cold on my arm and that is about it. Next thing I knew I was in a wheel chair on my way to the car. After that, I remember my good friend Chris pacing back and forth and going on and on about the medications I needed to take. Good thing he wrote it all down for me because I didn't remember a thing. Talk about good sedation. The kids got home from school and they were very eager to help me out and do whatever they could to make sure I was taken care of. Lauren made up ice packs and drew on the papertowels that she used to cover them. They said such things as "World's Best Mom" and "I love You Mom". She is such a little angel. We basically watched movies and relaxed. She got me water, my gauze and all the soft foods I could eat. I ate about 1/8 of a pancake today. I had mashed potatoes last night, yeah for warm food. Maybe I will lose a couple of pounds. I am a little swollen today but not in much pain. Yay for pain medicine. Dr. Michael Eklund and his team did a fantastic job. They had excellent bed side manners and were just great. It was very thoughtful that he called me that same evening to check on me and to give me an update on how everything went. I am glad I finally had this procedure done. It should've been done about 3 years ago. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I should have some pictures to post next week.

Oh, btw I have accepted a position with another company. I think it will be a good career move for me and the extra cash can't hurt. I'll have more details to follow.


Stephanie said...

Glad it went well! Hope you are feeling better this weekend :)