Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!

Below is a picture of Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark
Darren & Lauren went to this skatepark last Sunday and really enjoyed it.
I had to throw in the picture of Shaun White skating in our little skatepark.

Well the girl had a pretty good fall on one of the ramps and broke her glasses, so we will be going to the eye doc to get her some new lenses. Thankfully I put them on my vision plan because their military one doesn't cover anything here in Houston. I might as well have the boy get his eyes checked while we are there.
Steak & Shrimp!
Romance said he is grilling some steak and shirmp this weekend!
Sounds good to me.
(I hope my steak isn't that burnt...we like it nice and medium rare)
It is suppose to be a nice (hopefully sunny) weekend which means.......
Garage Trash Out (not my actual garage-mine is worse...yikes)
So, if it is nice and sunny outside the kids and I will be going through our garages and clearing out lots of crap. They have been used as storage (what was suppose to be temporary) and it has just gotten out of control.
Lauren also has a C*Stem Challenge funtion this Saturday, so she will be doing that. They have finished building their robot so I am not sure what they will be putting together on Saturday.
Then she has another field trip on Tuesday to go to another college campus for more CSTEM Challenge work. She is a busy little girl.
Have a good weekend!
Refresh your memory on what CSTEM is: Link Below.