Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rascals & Rascal Flatts!

1st Off-Rascal Flatts Rocked Reliant.
We made a pit stop at the Petting Zoo before eating our Giant Corn Dogs (YUM).
I have more pictures of petting zoo but need to locate my camera..Lauren really enjoyed all the animals. She didn't ride the mechanical bull like I thought she would(she had the option) then when it was too late, she wanted to try it. Silly girl.

Llama Momma! This was a little too close for comfort for me but a Kodak moment for sure.
Not everyday you are head to head with a llama.
The Flag Ceremony before the concert! It was amazing (and I stole this picture from Rachel)
I was so stunned and proud while they lowered our flag and I had tears in my eyes. I was so into it that when I thought about taking a picture they were already wrapping it up.
I am Very Proud to be An American.

It was Military Appreciation Night at the Rodeo and very touching.

Michael & Lauren enjoying the show!
Lauren clapped, cheered, sang and danced. Notice her NEW hat.
That girl and her favorite color: Blue!
The Fireworks to Start the show.
Rascal Flatts really entertained and included the audience a lot which is always fun and funny at times.
He has an amazing voice.

I look forward to my 5th time seeing them in concert. They sound just as good if not better than they do on their albums.

More pictures to share once I find my camera. Thank you Michael for sharing your pictures. You got some great shots of the concert. Tonight ROUND 2 with Butter and T-Dizzle.

Note: The kids had school today so we had to leave a little early and still got home fairly late. Sorry kids. Amazingly Darren also enjoyed the show. Both Rodeo and Concert. It was so much fun watching them bid on the Chuck Wagon Races and Cheer. Their favorite part of the rodeo was the Muttin Bustin which by far was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They had a bunch of 5 & 6 year olds hang on for dear life to these sheep and who ever hung on the longest won (the bigger trophy and belt buckle). All that participated won a trophy and belt buckle. ADORABLE.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like yall had a blast!
I actually dont like RF live. I have seen them 4 times and have been disappointed at all of them :( Glad you liked them though!
I love the muttin bustin..thats one of my favorite parts!!
Have fun tonight!!!

raeanne said...

Awesome! Lauren looked adorable in all blue. But where were the pictures of D?!?!?