Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yee Haw!

Yes, I am excited to go to the Rodeo and this year I am taking the kids. Lauren is way excited and Darren is a typical 13 (1/2) year old who is like...REALLY? I don't like country Maaahm.
I am like, Yes really, you will enjoy it (daahm it) cause I already bought the tickets. LOL
I have a good feeling he will enjoy the Rodeo, maybe not Rascal Flatts so much.
Wednesday 3.10.10
Rascal Flatts-My 4th time seeing them and I am just as excited as the 1st time. Actually more excited, the 1st time I went I only knew like 2 of their songs. Now I am a full blown fan.
Thursday 3.11.2010
Yep, back to back Rodeo!
Brad Paisley
A 1st Time concert goer for this show

I would like to pre-thank Sara and Todd for the SUITE hookup. Yep, we have Parking Pass and Suite seating to boot (pun intended..ha ha) for Brad!
I couldn't resist and Romance is off both nights...even better.

Happy Rodeo Days my Friends.

(PS-I had a hook up to Keith Urban too 3.16.10 BUT I already have plans with my sweet boy and girl. *Pulls hair out cause he is my favorite* but my kids are growing up too fast). I thought about rearranging my plans with the kids and then realized, it is an hour long concert and I am looking forward to my plans with them much more than this event, so I will just listen to all of his albums all day Tuesday! lol

PSS-That was a long PS...ha ha.


Stephanie said...

Isnt the rodeo the best?!?!
I saw Dierks and Jason Aldean, and going to see Black Eyed Peas next week!!
Itss one of my favorite things about Houston!!
Hope you have a blast!
I think you made the right decision about next Tuesday :)