Monday, March 22, 2010

-300th Post- Spring Break 2010

We had a great Spring Break. We didn't get to the hotel until late. We checked in and then went to grab a bite to eat. Upon our return to the hotel, I found this little critter under the sink, brushing his teeth. He is so silly.
Below is the lovely staircase leading to the North Tower, where our accommodations were. Our view.
We really lucked out with great weather the whole week. Thank you mother nature.
The Boy & I
The girl being a fish, they loved the pool here and mostly did that during the break.
S'Mores Poolside..YUM!
Surrey Time on the SeaWall
These two want a Surrey now! They both loved these things.
Lauren practicing her driving skills. She scared us a little bit but for a 10 year old she did pretty good.
We played board games in the evening...good family time.
Darren couldn't resist.
Overall, they gave our vacation 2 thumbs up!
I didn't want it to end. I had such a great time with them.