Thursday, March 25, 2010

TiloTrends: Check It Out

A couple items I ordered!!
Cute Earrings! Great Price too!
A really good friend of mine (Yolanda) is getting her business going on the web. She started selling jewelry and accessories about 3-4 years ago.
It all started when she realized how many woman (and men) stopped her to ask: "Where did you get that?" or "I love what you are wearing". It was then that she realized that she has an eye for fun fashionable jewelry.
She then decided to start buying what she liked in bulk and taking it to her office. All the woman rushed to her desk to see her goods and wiped her out. Often times they made requests for additional items. It was then that she realized she was on to something.
She even got me into wearing it! I never use to wear anything more than earrings, if I even managed to do that much. Once she got her hands on me and introduced me to the world of fashion jewelry (at AMAZING prices) I soon discovered how fun it was to coordinate my necklaces and earrings and bracelets with my wardrobe. Heck, I started to shop around my jewelry.
I am asked ALL the time the same thing she would hear when this all started. The compliments keep coming. I am very excited that she has launched her own website and I am already waiting on my FIRST of many orders. Check it out and order something today! Don't forget to pass the website on to your friends too.
The funny thing about the name of the company is that it is a combination of her nickname and my nickname. We came up with it together many years ago. I am honored that she has kept that name and I wish her much success and I am excited to see her business grow.
Check out the site today and pass it on to all your friends. What girl doesn't like to hear how cute she looks.
She is adding new products all the time so save this site as one of your favorites and check back for new items. If you are looking for something particular (ex: You like beads, hearts, crosses) feel free to email her and request it. She may be able to find for you what you are looking for.


Stephanie said...

Wow, how awesome!!
Cant wait to check it out!!