Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Things to Come in 2009

The Boy will be ThirTEEN this JULY!!! Aaaack!
The Girl will be 10 this July!
  1. The Birth of another Brilliant Beautiful Baby Watson
  2. Ski Trip to Aspen with the Fantasy Ski Team
  3. My Mom & Sister coming to visit
  4. Summer vacation with the Boy and the Girl
  5. Jason and Heather's Nuptials
  6. Buying a new car
  7. Nellie's 30th Birthday
  8. Traveling with Cedric (gnome) to either Mexico or England this summer
  9. Paying off my Visa (finally-$13K later)
  10. Turning 32, I agree with Steph, there is something nice about being an even # in age
  11. Lauren's 1st Band recital
  12. Lauren turns 10
  13. Darren turns 13


Stephanie said...

Ahh...all kinds of fun this year!
Great list!!
Congrats on paying of the debt..what a relief that will be!!

Anonymous said...

wow.....a very busy year. a lot of big events! D hits the teens and little L hits double digits!!!!

2009 will be mighty fine!!!

Rachel said...

lots to look forward to!!! you get to go on an awesome vacation and still have your debt paid off! thats awesome!

Big D said...

Awesome sounds good Hey I used to live in Pasadena when I was younger wish I knew more. The kids pictures are cute also hated reading about your denial for time off around christmas pretty poopy. And thanks for stoppin by I dont get many readers except my wife and her GF's

Nellie said...

Good-ness, you will have a teen and a tween this year...and I will have lots and lots of diapers!

Stephanie said...

I cannot believe you are about to have a TEENAGER. I will say a prayer for you - I hear they are scary.

Hopefully this Watson will have a name BEFORE the birth ;)