Friday, January 9, 2009

Camera Cord Found In Camera Bag! AMAZING!

More Pictures from Sara's Birthday!

Sara & Todd {aka Butter & Tim}

Russ & I-Dinner at Trulucks!

This place was very nice but it was also very expensive and the food could've been better. They did however make a mean Martini! It was a special occasion afterall. Poor Russ wasn't feeling well but was a trooper and came with us to celebrate.

Lauren {actually wearing her contacts} at her friend Lauren's birthday party. There were about 20 little girls here and it was very loud. Maybe I am not so upset that Lauren's birthday is in the summer time. Too much squeeling and screaming for me. Of course the fact that Lauren's older/handsome brother came with gave her some points with the other girls. LOL, Poor Darren got into this moonwalk and those little girls went crazy. He was a good sport about it all and just laughed it off and then went inside to play video games with Lauren's older brother. Smart move.
Lauren and friends enjoying the Moonwalk.
This weekend is going to be a low key one for me. I am just going to have some down time with the boy and the girl. Maybe take in a movie and play board games. We could all use a nice quiet weekend.

Oh and just a funny note to add {I already told a few girls about this} but this morning I am taking the kids to school and I mentioned that I will be home before the kids today (because we work 6 hours on Friday) and D said, "Man, I wish we got off early on Friday instead of Wednesday". I told him, yeah-that would be nice, we would be able to get a start on our weekends. I wonder why they don't make early release on Friday? He then says, "Well, they told me they don't do it because if they did everyone would go to Mexico". LMAO, I was like WHAT? Remember the post I did on enrolling them in H.I.S.D., you gotta love it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend...and all my blogger friends need to get back to posting blogs...

Oh and also, Congratulations to Amanda on the birth of their baby boy! {January 3, 2008).


Nellie said...

The amazing part is not that you found the cord in the bag, it is the fact that you actually have a camera bag! That means you had intentions of taking care of this one.

Stephanie said...

You found the cord in your camera bag....