Monday, January 19, 2009


2002: I was able to transfer with Lowe’s and it was not a good experience. Let’s just say the people are friendlier in TX than they are in VA. So I worked there until I came across a job with a Mental Health Clinic. Shawn and I had found a home care provider for Darren and Lauren so the timing was perfect for me to work full time again.
2003: I was still enjoying my job at the clinic and had a very good working relationship with the owners and the office manager. The kids loved their babysitter and I loved my job. It was that summer that Shawn informed me he wanted to go to Korea…we were still trying to figure out ways to get stationed in Colorado and this was his answer. So…we packed up our belongings and headed for TX. The plan was for the kids and me to stay with his family while I looked for a home in CO. We arrived in TX before Thanksgiving and I began working with a temp agency while looking for a home in CO.
2004: I found a house that spring. Shawn sent me the POA to sign paperwork and as soon as I signed for the house, he called and told me NOT to buy it. Later Shawn told me he wanted to stay in Korea for an additional year. I accepted the offer with my job to be hired on full time. I also bought a house in TX since I now realized I was going to be living here for at least another 19 months without my spouse and Lauren was starting school this year.
2005: After 10 Years of Marriage Shawn asked for a divorce (by email) and I got notice that my company was going to lay me off. I did manage to find another job just in time. My divorce was final in October and my job was going well. The kids didn’t know yet, they were so small still and I couldn’t stand the thought of telling them that we were now a broken family.
2006: I was very depressed and was having a hard time. The Boy and the Girl were doing very well. Still working downtown and enjoying my job. Some days were better than others. I had a wonderful group of girlfriends that kept me busy and kept me sane. Plus the kid’s grandmother helped me out a lot. Not to mention all my loved ones near and far looking out for me. They are what really helped me cope. It was this year that I decided that I could still live my life with my kids. I had to be happy and I had to do what was best for them.
2007: I had an awesome group of friends and spent so much time with the boy and the girl. They really became the center of my world. We had so much fun and stayed so busy. I started to travel when I could. The kids had some time to spend with their father who was back in the states and I had some time to myself. They stayed with their father and his wife the first school semester, yes I am serious. It was good for them but I was so ready for them to return home.
2008: They came home and were so happy to be back. What a wonderful feeling. They are such good kids and such a joy to have in my life. I felt good about myself as a person, as a mother and as a friend. Things seem to be going my way. The kids went with their father to Washington in the summer and that is when I decided to give dating a chance.
* 2009: Things are going great, staying busy as usual. The boy and the girl are awesome. I am dating and enjoying it and simply taking things one day at a time. It will be interesting to see where the next 15 years go.


Anonymous said...

Well the 15 year MEME was a most enjoyable read. I personaly find you to be a VERY interesting / awesome woman and a GREAT mother! I know there is even more greatness for you and them awe-some kids in the future!

Very well written!

Stephanie said... remember alot! I'm so glad that this year is going so well for you!
Life always leads us where we need to be..even if we dont see it at the time!
You are a great and strong mother..keep up the good work girl!!

April said...

You have a great memory. And you've been through SO much and look at the awesome and strong woman (and MOm!) you are now!!! Yay!!

Rachel said...

I finally got a chance to read Part 2. Sounds pretty hard, but you managed to get through it all very well! Thanks for your 15 year update!