Friday, January 30, 2009

More Pictures from Ski Trip 2009

More random pictures of the trip. My camera was not charged for 85% of this trip. So I didn't get many of me actually on the mountain...of course when I found a connector I had already injured myself. So, you will notice some fun postcard pictures of my recovery room/condo. lol
Our first evening, Myers had organized a SEAFOOD thinking was really?, we came to Colorado to eat Lobster? See the beach theme behind us? The food was alright, we had a long flight on the way in, so I was pretty tired at this point.
This was our traditional Bloody Mary drinking time at the airport. Yum Yum! This was obviously a very early flight, I am still half asleep! Randolph, Drew & New Recruit Cole at dinner!
Post injury photo...pretty icicles!
Just looking down below at all the people who didn't tear their ACL's! :0(
My Master Suite-All to myself! It did NOT suck!
A little reflective photography! It was a small loft, but yes very cute and pretty modern. The guys condo was more on the, That 70's Show era.
The snow really was beautiful and we actually saw some blue skies our last day! See it way back there.
Cedric the traveling gnome was anxious to go home since I was injured! :o)

Have a good weekend everyone, I have my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Monday!


Stephanie said...

I love all the pics!! It is so beautiful there!!
Good luck at your appt!!!!

Stephanie said...

Is it sad that I focused on the fact that the gnomes name is Cedric and that was who Rob Pattinson (swoon) played in the HP movie?

Great pictures too though of course ;) Glad to have you back with us. Where you hopefully cannot get hurt!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

OMG, so sad Steph, but at least you admitted that! Silly woman!