Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Sara aka Butter

{The Classic Picture in a Public Bathroom!}
~I am so glad you are now 31 like me~
I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
We celebrated Sara's Birthday this Saturday-you know how tough WEEKDAY birthdays can be. We started out with a lovely dinner at Trulucks and ate SHRIMP the size of my head. I personally think there is a reason most shrimp served are under 5 pounds. It wasn't too bad, but it was a bit tough-maybe from the 'juice' they raise these things on. Let's just say next time I'll go for the regular sized shrimp. This delicious entree came with Grits. I've never gotten what grits are to be honest with you. A friend of mine said they were pig intestines or something of the sort, another friend said they are a corn product. All I know is that they weren't too bad. I think I would prefer the traditional (in my world) mashed potatoes. We made sure to choke down those massive shrimp with a few Martinis that were Oh My Lord-So Strong. I have no idea how Todd downed 3 in that sitting. LOL
Afterwards we went to the Bronx Bar near the Galleria for a few 50% off drink specials....yes Sara, they were 50% because it was your birthday celebration, not due to the economy! Ha ha. Music was good, drinks went down smoothly and good times were had. After a few of these reduced refreshments, our bday girl was feeling a little adventurous, so we went around the corner to a "Gentleman's Club". WOW, talk about a waste of money. To walk in and order a beverage for two people was the fastest $60.00 I had ever spent, so we took a quick snapshot in the ladies room to capture this crazy venture, well one of the performers was kind enough to take it for us, after all I did rescue her cell phone from falling out of her "COSTUME" ha ha. Needless to say, we realized this wasn't our cup of tea and we made our exit. Overall the evening was fun and I am happy I got to celebrate with Ms. Butter. To think we are planning a trip to Mexico this year.....and we got into all that in one night!
I am so happy you LOVE the BIG pen. Don't lose it girly! More pictures to come.....


Stephanie said...

What a sweet post!
You 2 are going to get in lots of trouble in Mexico!!
I love that you went to the "club" and took a pic in the bathroom..classic!!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a good time!!! Let me know what part of Mexico!!! I'm going this year too!!!

April said...

Looks like a fun time! I love celebrating all my girl's birthdays!

Anonymous said...

OMG.......How gay, you have a friend who thought grits were pig guts????? I assume this was not one of your more smarter friends!!?? Good thing you did not put my name in I mean thier name in the blog!!!