Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: My Ski Adventures in Aspen/Snowmass

1. Flying in/out of Aspen is nearly impossible, especially when flying UNITED {THEY SUCK}

2. Ski goers are very SNOBBY! 3. There is NO nightlife in Snowmass after 9:00 (even on a Friday evening and the XGames are in town...WTH?{Last Call} 4. Ski School is a waste of time if you are NOT over 60 and you HAVE skied in the past 40 years

5. A Hotdog and Cider will set you back $23.00 on the mountain

6. It snowed about 2 feet in 3 days which makes for great ski POWDER
7. Ski’s get caught up in POWDER and you get a ride down the mountain because you tore your ACL, another guy in your group does the same thing 20 minutes later
{Poor Bill never saw it coming either!}
8. $600.00 is the cost of XRAYS and a knee brace @ the clinic on the mountain
9. Drink heavily to forget the pain
10. One bedroom loft is $2300.00 for 4 nights, SERIOUSLY???
11. Bus ride to downtown Aspen is free and you even get a drunken college student’s slideshow of very inappropriate anatomy, imagine the movie STEPBROTHER, this was worse.

12. Eat cheese and crackers for lunch because your other “ski partners” are busy skiing while you are popping vicatin and icing your knee.

13. Return flight cancelled due to weather, pay another $150.00 shuttle to Denver, 4.5 hour drive to get to airport, rebook and recharged for luggage fee, eat dinner and go to gate to find out that flight has been cancelled due to mechanical problems. Rebooked to a later flight on another airline carrier. I was scheduled to be home at 4:00pm and ended landing in Houston at 11:30pm.

Let’s just say, Aspen/Snowmass is very pretty, but I’ll stick to Steamboat Springs!


Stephanie said...

OH MY GOSH...did you really tear your ACL???
I'm so sorry babe. I cant beleive all that happened to you.
I hope you atleast made the most of it!!

Rachel said...

wow - that really sucks! at least you can wear your brace under your jeans!! And that REALLY sucks about your flight being canceled - TWICE! oh and that was a really pretty loft! was it ski in/ski out??

Stephanie said... are you wearing a brace or anything today? Crutches? I need some metal.

I'm sorry your ski trip wasn't as great as years past and that you got hurt though! Muuuuuah!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Yes, lodge was ski in/out. It was a great location with a great view. We are just use to paying about $1800.00 and normally split between 4-5 gals instead of 3 people.

I have the brace under my JEANS, it is very thin but helps me tremendously. In the mornings I am feeling good but before it is time to go home, my knee is pretty stiff and swollen, along with a throbbing sensation. :0(