Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back On That Wagon

It is what it is!
(I am still somewhat convinced that this number can't be right, but either way, I have to get out of denial even if it is off by 3-5 numbers it is still too much for me to bear).
This is what it needs to be!

My 5 Years in Houston have not been very kind to my health. I am not quite sure why this is to be honest with you. I moved to this city November 2003 and use to see this number: 138. It seems I have managed to keep 10 more numbers a year to view on that thing you stand on. So, not because it is a New Year, but because I need to undo what I have done....I am back on that wagon.


Rachel said...

I am as well!!! :) Good Luck!

Stephanie said...

Me too...best of luck to you! I am doing weight watchers again..I lost 30 pounds last year, and its so easy..I have to just get my butt in gear!!