Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Update!

SuperBowl XL II New York Giants!
What an awesome game. I actually stayed home this year with the kids and enjoyed the game. Wasn't super impressed with commercials though. Half time show was okay. Nothing too exciting. I am just happy it was a good and close game. My poor daughter had to cover her ears a couple times when I bursted out with excitement when Eli threw the last TD pass to Tyree! I was super excited for Stephanie who is a HUGE Giants fan. I remember the feeling of seeing my Broncos do it *Back to Back* I love this game. Can't wait until the fall again. What will I do with my Sundays? Pro Bowl anyone? ha ha

37" Mitsubishi HD Flat Screen TV

I finally got myself a little flat screen TV *just in time for the big game* Nothing too fancy considering I log in about 6 hours of TV a week if that. But it was time. I realized my little 19" TV didn't have the connections to even hook up a DVD player so I decided I needed to go for it. Of course this is after I gave the kids the 32" for their Wii and other gaming consoles. :-) They are so spoiled.

The kids and I went with GiGi on Sunday to see The Bucket List. It was a real tear jerker and of course a great movie. One minute you are laughing and the next you are wiping away tears. I def. reccommend it, especially if you are a M. Freeman or Jack fan. Other then that it was a pretty quiet and lovely weekend. Especially our weather on Saturday. Blue skies in Houston, quiet a rarity.
Hope eveyone had a good weekend.

GiGi said she uploaded pictures from Colorado trip so hopefully I'll have those soon enough.


Amanda said...

I love that the Giants came thru! Although, I enjoyed looking at Tom Brady in the meantime! :p

Stephanie said...

GO BIG BLUE!! Wasn't that just an amazing game!?!? I was crying so hard - ridiculous!