Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Update

The kids and I had a TV watching weekend. Well movies anyhow. You have to love the $1.00/ Night rentals from RedBox. You especially have to love how long people will take at these things. I guess it is the price you pay for cheap rentals. I actually rented 2 movies that the gentleman before me selected, I guess he didn't have his credit card. One was Elizabeth-The Golden Years which was okay. I love the costumes in the movie but it just didn't hold my attention. The other was Fly Boys which I haven't watched yet. The kids rented The Game Plan (cheesy but cute) and Mr. Bean's Holiday (which was horribly painful to sit through). We also somehow got captured by the AIR BUD movies on ABC, yes you read it right, I said AIR BUD. Ugh! It was a very quiet weekend, nothing exciting. The sun was out and the air was warm. Darren and I actually played some basketball for a bit on Sunday. Overall quiet but good. Never long enough. I am happy to say I have next Monday off. Thank you President's Day!

Warning: The above game should not be played after sharing a few buckets of beer with friends.

I know this now because I attempted to do so and I must say this game is best played when adult beverages are not in the system. I couldn't concentrate to save my life on which letter we were playing....which card we were playing. So it went down like this. We roll the die, start the timer and start to write our answers to each catergory. I am so into it and just really proud that I have figured out all 12 Catergories before the timer buzzes, so I toss my pencil into my folder and sit back and relax. As I look across the table I see puzzled faces, bitting of the bottom lip and some pencil tapping going on. Finally the buzzer goes off and we start with the first catergory to proudly recite our answers. The catergory is read and suddenly I feel my face turn beet red.....I have answered the catergories from List 6 (everyone else is on List 5 as they should be). For a moment I was actually mad as if someone tricked me. Then came embarassment and frustration *note I am very competitive when it comes to board games*. I laugh and throw my card down and just stare as everyone figures out what I have done. Then they suggest I read my answers out anyway just to see how I did. I agree to do that, I figure I might as well get a chuckle out of this. As we go down the list, to my surprise I still got 3 points on this round. Everyone was simply stunned. It didn't turn out as bad as it could've. We only played 6 rounds because it was pretty late. So we all tallied up our cards and guess who still won the game!

All in all it was a fun evening. We will attempt to play Taboo next time. BBBRRRRNNNNTTT! I love that buzzer.

Note-I had misplaced my camera but found it this morning so hopefully I will have more real pictures and not just googled ones to post. Back to the 9-5 or whatever.


Amanda said...

Movies and board games!! Fun! Glad you had a good weekend, and yes, they are ALWAYS TOO SHORT :(

Stephanie said...

I love Taboo...haven't played in forever though! Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend :)