Thursday, February 21, 2008


Reasons I love Holly
  • She is a very positive person to be around, when things get tough, she gets tougher, that is why we call her Mighty Mouse!
  • She is a loyal friend, we can let our busy lives pass us by and talk every month or every year and it is like we never stopped talking
  • She cherishes things that are sentimental-I still can't believe you have the letter from me about the game "Cookies" I don't remember when I have laughed so hard
  • She is there for her friends and family-If I was in jail, she'd bail me out and ask me what the heck I did and why she wasn't there with me
  • She makes me laugh-We can just sit around for hours and laugh, mostly about the dumb things we use to do together back in high school
  • She is a hard worker-Always seem to be a great attribute in whatever role she holds
  • She is an excellent listener-When you need to talk she is focused on what you have to say
  • She is open to new and fun ideas and things-LIKE MOVING TO HOUSTON!!!!! *crosses fingers**
  • She loves to camp-I have many fond memories of us "gals" camping. Who needs the dude, we can start our own fire
  • She is like a sister to me-She knows more about me then most of my family members do
  • She knows how to learn from her mistakes, some people simply repeat them over and over
  • She is very creative and artsy, I love her decor skills she has awesome taste
  • She will always be one of my Best Friends-I am so glad we got to spend some one on one time in Denver and the fact that she came to see me in Steamboat last year-that meant a lot to me


Stephanie said...

That was really sweet of you to do a list for your friend. Look at you! :) I'm currently waiting for my friends to move back to Houston too!

Amanda said...

What a sweet post girl! And awesome on the weight loss!!!! ;-)