Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Cederic's First Plane Ride 1-25-08 He holds a Window Seat Preference
No more Beer for Cederick, he is looking a little wasted here.

Cederics first sighting of snow!

He really likes it here!

We had to stock the fridge for him. He sure loves Beer!

Cederick seemed to be pleased with his accomodations. Night stand between the beds!

Cederic's Bunk Mates!

Cederic insisted on taking pictures on the slope.

His view looking up the mountain
Cederick asks "Which way to Slope Side Bar & Grill"
Heading down the mountain for apres ski drinks
Feeling a little wind blown at this point.

We are on our way back to Texas!


Stephanie said...

You crack me up with the Gnome. I'd probably lose mine :) Haha! Great pics though!