Thursday, February 7, 2008


13. I still need to unpack stuff from Colorado 12. My BFF had an 80's fashion thing going on this morning that puzzled me

11. I watched Austin Powers yesterday morning and laughed my rear off....forgot how funny that movie is

10. Darren has been sick this week
9. Lauren has taken good care of him
8. We are suppose to go bowling for Damien's birthday tonight
7. I still have to get a gift after work today
6. I have had 5 birthdays this week (friend/co-worker etc)
5. The kids and I ate at TGI Fridays last night
4. Lauren and I got ready this morning listening to Fergie
3. I cooked dinner 3 times this week
2. I have had a successful first day at Weight Watchers
1. I am feeling really tired today.


Stephanie said...

I am with you on #1! But I did finish unpacking from my trip and you were back before me! Haha!

Nellie said...

You've never unpacked from moving, so I wouldn't expect anything less.
And pouring bowls of cereal doesn't count as cooking, haha!