Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Second Donation Today! Commit for Life!

My Second Donation is this afternoon. While all of you are taking your post lunch naps I will be saving lives! Yay me! I also have lunch today with some friends from my last job. It is always fun to catch up with those gals. Unfortunately we alway end up eating at Pappa's Grill. I am not a big BBQ fan so I'll have to see what I can eat. I need to eat a good lunch since it is a donating day. No drinking for 24 hours though. LOL I am sure I can manage. Since being on WW I have turned into a fish, drinking half my body weight in water.


Nellie said...

Well we still had a good lunch, and my carbs made it back safe and sound. See, what would I do without you?! So sad that your donating plans got cancelled, they should provide extra cookies at the re-schedule. And I don't want to hear complaining about the water-I feel like a fish..a fat fish. Actually they don't drink water do they? The mind is officially gone...along with the waistline.

Amanda said...

I'm not sure that I like you using BLOOD as a label. Eeek! You know I pass out at the sight of blood and esp needles! :(
Oh, and good job on the water drinking for WW!

Stephanie said...

At least you had good intentions and at least you donate! :)