Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Steamboat, CO 2008

Hard to see trail map but before this year, I was only able to ski on about 2% of the mountain. This year I think I covered at least 25%. A big improvement.

Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs

We went here on Saturday evening and the sky was so clear and beautiful. We saw every star we could possibly see. The water here ranges from 101 to 106 degrees. Refreshing

The traditional Wine Cellar Dinner Photo!
Fantasy Ski Team 2008
(GiGi, Maren, Bill, Lalo, Myers, Double D "Monty", Helen, Mike, Ann & Trond

This was my third time skiing with the Fantasy Ski Team and it has been my best trip yet. Gina and I actually did a Blue Slope and we didn't kill ourselves or fall. I do not have any broken bones-just a few bruises, most of which are from our trip to the Hot Springs. We really got to cover much more mountain then before and it was so much fun. I actually got to ride the Gondola for the first time. I wish I had more pictures but I think my camera froze up on me or perhaps the capture button was damaged on one of my many spills down the slopes. I have faith that I will be doing more Blue Runs next year.
I am already looking forward to our next trip. We are talking about going to Aspen! How exciting. Keep in mind, we recruit for a NEW team member every year! All in all it was an awesome trip but as always good to be home. I want to thank my Best Friend Tito for taking care of my little ones. You are the best girlie. Many many thanks!


Stephanie said...

So glad you had a good time. Even if you banged yourself up a bit!

I hear Aspen is beautiful! That would be exciting. If you liked to ski of course :)

Nellie said...

Well it looks like the minor injuries were well worth it. I would expect worse from you! What am I talking about, I can't even remember what I would do in that spring anymore!