Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back at Last!

Lauren got a TON of Monkeys and a bunch of other goodies, including Denver Bronco shirts!
Darren was loaded with Denver Bronco gear (blankets, jerseys, pillows, t-shirts) as well as some Denver Nugget items and even got a LT bobble head. He was very excited.

Yes, Grandma Houston left her tree up for this photo op!

Yes Darren supports the home teams too and Lauren is just sporting her new "Monkey" PJ's that Grandma Rachelle made her.

My kids are back and are getting settled in to their new little home in Houston. It was not fun having to share them with their father but I have to do it (right?). They are getting so big right before my eyes. I couldn't be happier to have them with me. Today was their first day back in school since winter break. It will puzzle me for a long time why their father sent them back on January 8th. I guess it was because of the price break. *SHRUGS* The poor things had to sit on that plane for almost 7 hours. They had 2 stops, one in Denver and one in Austin. They said they were stuck with another unaccompanied minor from Seattle to Austin. I guess this kid really loved the song "Applogize" and sang it for a good duration of their flight. They said the flight attendants were great with them and they got snacks at every stop. Their father packed them goodies too so overall everything went well. They opened all their gifts from everyone on Wednesday and we went to their grandparent's house Sunday to open up the last few gifts. Grandma left her Christmas tree up so she could take a few snapshots of them in front of it. See how tall Darren is getting!! He has almost passed up his grandma. Things are pretty busy and a little hectic but we will soon be back in the swing of things.


Nellie said...

To answer your question, NO :)

Stephanie said...

Yay for the kiddos being home! How fun :) I can only imagine how much you missed them...