Monday, January 21, 2008

Steamboat, CO BACK ON!

What can I say, I got some items taken care of over the weekend so it looks like I'll be hitting the slopes. Leaving on Friday and will return Tuesday. Yay, short week. I really need to take more pictures this year but I find it difficult to remember my camera while out there, it could be because you are already carrying about 80 pounds of extra equipment.


Stephanie said...


I am not a skier - since I suck at it. I prefer to be inside with my beverage by the fire. Watching all the freezing people outside. Ha! But have fun. Can't wait to see the pictures :) It'll be a nice vacation!

Amanda said...

Awesome! I love snow skiing!! I didn't get to go this year :(
But I know you'll have a blast...and short work weeks are always good!

Nellie said...

I'd be careful around the fireplace! Warm up with your hot ski instructor instead...maybe order a pizza.