Thursday, January 3, 2008


Happy New Year to all of my friends.

So far 2008 has been better then 2007. On December 31st I went to a beautiful dinner party and rang in the New Year Argentinian style. January 1st, had a nice lunch with a new "interest" and relaxed the remainder of the day. January 2nd was back to work and boy there is a lot of work to be done. I was off for 11 days so I guess it is to be expected. Last night Nellie went with me to look at homes near her area and that went pretty well, so I'll be meeting with a realtor this afternoon to do some walk thrus. Wish me luck that I find something for the kids and I.

My car is suppose to be ready tomorrow so I am keeping my fingers crossed. As of yesterday I am stuck driving a PT Cruiser. We all know how these vehicles scream dork mobile. I told Nellie I felt like SUPER NANNY driving into work this morning.

The above picture represents my face last night. How do you ask? Well it was subzero degrees in Nellie's house last night so I went to my room to grab my warm sweater and I guess at this point Nellie felt bad for me. So she decides to turn on the gas fireplace. She cranks on the gas, grabs the matches and tosses one onto the logs. The match is just burning there and hasn't caught on yet. So I take it upon myself to help her out. Afterall I am from colder climates and I have lit quite a few fireplaces in my day. I pick up the match and toss it above the logs and next thing I know all is see is FLAMES shooting up at me. The heat flashes across my entire face and then I hear screaming and realize that my face and hair are on fire! So Nellie starts to beat me down like she has never beat anything down before....I am trying to beat out the flames myself and it comes to my mind that I need to STOP, DROP and ROLL. (Remember I do have Fire Warden Training!! ha ha) In my attempt to Drop I land on her ottoman and smash down on top of her serving tray (picture holder) and I am down on the ground trying to roll around and extinguish myself. Nellie is still slapping me and screaming. Next thing you know, there we are-laying on the ground (just like in the movies) and B walks in asking "What the heck is going on in here?". I am sure the smell of burnt hair had hit him as he entered the house. I look up and see wads of hair and ashes all over the floor. Poor Nellie was so shaken up (so was I) and she felt so bad. I think I was feeling bad for breaking her serving tray. I am sure that was the least of her worries. Well it turns out that the gas was probably turned up higher then it needed to be and the fluke was closed so this was what had probably caused the enormous backdraft when I set the match upon the wood. All in all we are okay. My eyebrows got a bit thinned out and the flames gave me some stylish bangs. I don't think we will ever look at a fireplace the same. I now have what I'd like to call "Barbie Hair". It feels real hard and strange like when you use to cut your dolls hair too short! ha ha.

The year is still early and I still think it will be a good one. It has definately started off HOT!!! LOL I don't think it can go more wrong then setting yourself on fire so it can only get better!! RIGHT?????


Nellie said...

I am so glad that you turned out safe, and just a little scorched, so that we can laugh about me setting you on fire...and then beating you! We'll just add the fireplace to the list of things I'm not allowed to play with. I can still picture the flames in your hair. That was enough action for the rest of my year! And forget about the damn tray!

Stephanie said...

Wow...I'm not even sure how to react. I feel bad that you were on fire...but at the same time I'm sort of LMAO at the circumstances in general. I can just picture her beating you and screaming...what I would have paid to see that! That's some exciting house hunting! Haha! Glad you are okay, and just a little toasted :)

Amanda said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy Girls :)
Glad you are okay!!!