Thursday, January 17, 2008


13. If you don't speak Spanish the Administrator doesn't have time to enroll your child.
12. The enrollment form has 15 spaces to write down other siblings that attend HISD schools. They thought I misunderstood the form when they saw I only had two children enrolling.
11. When you go to enroll your children for class they can only find forms in Spanish
10. If you don't speak Spanish you are an Outcast

9. There are Spanish to English Translators in the classrooms

8. The students ask Darren and Lauren where they came from and they reply Washington State-They are then asked numerous times if they met the President.

7. If your ride can't find you she calls the school and tells them she is missing the little WHITE girl and they know exactly who they need to locate in the crowd

6. Your teacher knows you only speak English but she still seats you at the Spanish Speaking lunch table
5. The PB&J Sandwiches are made with some sort of Flat Bread Tortilla

4. Breakfast is Free
3. The Administration Office seems very confused when you tell them you do not wish to apply for Free/Reduced lunch
2. There is no Transportation to school unless you live more than 2.5 miles away from campus
1. The School Bus Driver (private bus company that you pay) must have graduated from the Indy 500 School of Race Drivers


Stephanie said...

Oh my!! What an adventure all that must be. Poor Lauren - did she get to sit at a different table yesterday

Nellie said...

A PBJ Fajita! hahaha!

lovelylalo said...

Lauren sat at the same table yesterday. The poor child either needs to step it up and learn the language or become a loner.
Ohh :-( She is a smart one, she'll pick it up soon enough and then she can teach Mommy.

PB&J Fajita-You have to love Nellie's witty comments. Darren said it was pretty good. It beats eating rice! ;-)

pussreboots said...

Good luck to Lauren. Happy TT.