Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Week Ending in Brownies! Thursday Thirteen: Random Pictures From Last Week!

Lauren & I making Brownies on Sunday! Yum!
Working for Wine. Yolanda worked Brenda and I to death!
(Not really)
Brenda using her craft skills
Centerpieces *Cherry Blossoms* Very Pretty!

She is so silly! 9 More Days!

The Men (Doing Nothing of Course)..ha

Lauren & Roxy playing aka Broccoli

My hair in curls! It is getting so long. (For me)

D doing homework! Can you see the enthusiasm.
I told him, keep making that face: people are going to think I let you drink! ha ha

Lauren's Venus Poster Board

D playing with my camera..he is so crazy!
Playing with my phone. I am loving his 'Signature T'.

The Girl
She has at least 2-3 hours of homework every single night. It is ridiculous sometimes.
She gets it done though. I am so proud of her.


Stephanie said...

I love random posts and pics!!!
Looks like the wedding is coming along!!
2-3 hours of homework IS RIDICULOUS!
Thats just crazy!!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Tell me about it. When I get home from work on Friday (around 2:30) the poor girl is sleeping. She is worn out from the week. Sometimes she goes to bed without dinner. I hate it. Amazingly, she doesn't complain all that often.

Anonymous said...

Wow why so much homework? Do they realize children need some r&r as well. My sweet Angel is so good. Tell her Grandma is putting the pic's I promised her in the mail tomorrow :) Love and hugs to my Houston family, Momma

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

We love you too Momma! I hate it..I get so mad when she is sitting there doing homework all night. Like I said, she is a trooper about it. This is why she crashes out on Friday nights, sometimes without dinner. She is so worn out. =0/