Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara!

Happy Birthday to one of my Besties Sara!
Linder & Butta celebrating her birthday last year!

My Christmas Party Guest!

At my birthday party last year!

I hope you have the best birthday EVA! Don't worry girl, we are going to celebrate in style. You won't hear from any of your crew..."We are broke from the holidays" or "I can't celebrate anymore, I am worn out".

~32 Things about Sara & Things that remind me of Sara~
  1. My interview with Mr. Chris April 2008-Sara greeting me with that great big beautiful smile of hers
  2. She compliments me, even if she gets crap for it by the haters who don't get compliments
  3. Us trying to put together Well Files, we would laugh and talk more than we worked
  4. Working with perverts...
  5. Eating lunch at her apartment trying to save money and calories
  6. Brisket Tacos-our weakness
  7. The Big Pen
  8. Shrimp the size of our heads
  9. Going out with Jazzy and him falling asleep on me, ha!
  10. 'Washington' hang outs
  11. Saki
  12. Listening to Lalo about everything
  13. Future travel companion-NY 2010
  14. Playing Taboo and kicking arse
  15. Introduced me to Carol and company
  16. Never answers her phone...so I have to call her boyfriends phone to talk to her!
  17. "Reply to All" emails
  18. Staying in Richmond with Heather
  19. Ice Bars
  20. "He/She's" in the bathroom (makes her kind of uncomfortable!)
  21. We celebrated her birthday last year ALL DAY, just the 2 of us {Mimosa's}
  22. Had a woman seductively sing Happy Birthday to her "WOW"
  23. Can't win a door prize to save her life...no matter how many tickets she has
  24. High heels getting scuffed, not her thing
  25. Cankles (you don't have this issue Missy)
  26. Ra
  27. Future Ugly Sweater party goer
  28. Knows how to host a great party at someone else's house
  29. ATX & UT
  30. Big Heart
  31. Paying the tab, always a thing of ours. My treat/Your treat
  32. Overall-An AWESOME friend.


Stephanie said...

What a great post!! Super sweet!
Sounds like you 2 have alot of fun!!
When are you going to NY?!?! I really want to go this year for my 30th!!