Friday, January 8, 2010

Keith Urban: Defying Gravity

Love these songs:
Kiss a Girl
Sweet Thing
Til Summer Comes Around
My Heart is Open
You'll Think of Me
You're Not Alone Tonight
Raining on Sunday

I have finally added some music to my iPhone. None other than the wonderfully talented Keith Urban. I have been wanting his latest album so I got that one first.
Golden Road was my next favorite. I need to pace myself and wait until next week to get his other albums. He is one of my favorite performers and so far I love his latest work.
iTunes will become my addiction (yet again). It is so nice to have music on my phone. I am slowly but surely figuring this whole thing out.


Stephanie said...

His new cd is amazing!! (as always!!) We saw him at the rodeo last year and he is just as delicious in person! ;)
I have Christmas Itunes money still, just trying to decide what I want to download! Of course Defying Gravity has already been purchased!!
Glad to hear you are loving your phone!!