Monday, January 18, 2010

Butta's Birthday Party (Censored)

Sara's Birthday Extravaganza January 16, 2010
We started out at Carol's house (Camp Director)
All the ladies
(Shawty, Lollipop, Lalo-Cha, Butta, Camp Director and Intern)

Butta & Lalo-Cha (Sara's 21st Birthday)

The Birthday Kids (Khahn's birthday party TBD)

Getting started, Sara knew we were getting a Limo, she just didn't know her man was upgrading to the Excursion. It was so nice and roomy.

Khahn and Mikey getting cozy

The "21" year old is already Double Fisting
& so it begins..the Limo was half the party. I agree with Sara, we should do that more often.

At AKA, our infamous birthday stop. Stopping here before we go to our other destinations is not a good idea, but for some reason we keep doing it. I guess we love Joe the bartender.

Just finished eating some awesome Sushi! Sara now has her button on her shoulder with some money! Way to go girl!

Romance & I
Outide of Monarch, isn't this a lovely spot for a picture.
I am not sure who the girl is in the boots? We picked up a few strays here and there. That happens when you are the life of the party. ha ha.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday party Sara. I hope we made up for all those years you got the shaft on your "after the holidays" birthday. We all had a blast. We made a few new friends, lost some shoes, cracked some ribs, had swollen eyes, bruises in roundabout places but we were in it to win it. Recovery time needed. Big thanks to our Camp Director who hosted the pick up and drop off spot. Had cake and decorations and of course breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you all had a fun
night. Our little weekend get away was great....just the two of us....I'm one happy gal. Love you, Momma :)

Stephanie said...

Wow..looks like a fabulous night!!
Love all the pics!!
The limo looked like so much fun!!!