Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday 10...M.I.L.K.

Thank you for this cute email Mom! I really enjoyed the pictures and the captions. Puts a little perspective on Life, Love, Friendship & Happiness!
1. How true this is. Keep the love and romance alive everyday! 2. This is why you have to make time to Play. 3. No matter how many times we get hurt, Love is worth it.
4. I love my friends and they do make my world a better place.
5. For me I think this applies to at least '2' people. The boy and the girl!
6. I felt this way yesterday working out for the first time in 2010..sad. ha ha
7. We love our Broccoli aka Roxy, even though she has chewed up 85% of my shoes
8. There is nothing better than sharing good news with friends and family.
9. This one just cracks me up! The Mom Teeter Totter..love it.

So much fun at this age..gosh I miss them being this age. This little girl reminds me of Kassi.


Stephanie said...

What a great Tuesday 10!!!
I love alot of those quotes!!!