Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Many Pictures Tuesday!

At the Greek Festival trying to stay warm and entertaining me. Yes I feed my children so don't be concerned that they both easily fit into one jacket. They are so gansta Yo! lol
~ My Big Kids~

Lauren taking her contacts out for the first time ~11/23/08~
She isn't too excited about touching her eye. I warned her!
After a few tries, she got ONE out!
Her project board for science.
The Boy and I playing Jenga (sort of)
My Masterpiece! :-D Very small picture of the Boy & the Girl @ The Greek Festival. It was probably 68 degrees outside which means we are freezing! LOL
I cut the hair yet again and got subtle highlights
Out with the Gals like a month ago!
Ms. Chop and I
Steamboat before Ski Season....look how small I am.
During season.... Our ski trip is coming up January 23rd.
Trip destination is Aspen/Snowmass! YAY!

PS-Tomorrow is my Bloggerversary!!!!


Stephanie said...

Love the hair!! It looks really pretty!
Great pics! I love pic filled blogs!!
Happy Early Bloogerversary!!!

Jennifer said...

the pics are great!

lots of great memories:P