Monday, November 24, 2008

Greek Festival and My Take on Twilight

I have been saying for many years now that I am going to attend as many things that Houston has to offer...and in the past 6 years, I've attended one thing (AT LAST)..the Greek Festival! I normally attempt to go to these festivals but something always comes up, someone always backs out or I go on the wrong weekend!
We went to this year's festival and had a great time. The vibe there was FUN! By fun, I mean walking around and seeing 2/3 of the attendees walking, mingling and drinking their bottles of wine. Yes...BOTTLES. I loved it. You'd see couples lined up along the grass with their bottle. You'd see parents pushing baby strollers with none other than the BOTTLE of wine in the sippy cup holder...a bunch of fun loving wine lovers everywhere you turned. There was a good crowd, great music and of course awesome food. The weather turned out great for us. Everything was reasonable priced and we ended up riding the shuttle in, which was free and a great service. I had a good time and the kids enjoyed the music, dancers and food too.

TWILIGHT in Ten Statements:
  1. Book was Better
  2. Edward Grew on You (still more beautiful in my mind)
  3. Bella was great...much like her book character..over dramatic but good
  4. Special Effects could have been better (I was a budget issue)
  5. Jasper reminded me of Edward was great
  6. Loved the Cullens (great cast)
  7. Walked out the 1st time with about 30 minutes left....
  8. Watched again on Saturday with an open mind and as if I hadn't read the book, and I enjoyed it a little bit more
  9. The Boy & The Girl enjoyed this film (aimed more at their age group I suppose)
  10. I am looking forward to next film (in hopes that budget will be better)
    Overall rating 3.5 out of 5 stars!


Nellie said...

Maybe if Steph had worn her shirt it would have motivated you to stay for the whole movie!

Stephanie said...

Did you really walk out the first time?!?! I cant beleive it!!
Glad you liked it better with the kids!
Jasper was really strange to me too..Edward crack me up girl!!
Glad you had fun at the Greek Festival!!

Jennifer said...

the Greek festival sounds like a ball...thats the kind of stuff I miss about Houston.

Stephanie said...

It's even better the 3rd time! I will be going to see it for the fourth time Friday ;)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Huh - I think I'll read the book and leave it at that!

Rae said...

Well it's about damn time you opened your mind and just enjoyed it!