Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out & Vote!


Dear God,

This election is in your hands. I beg and plead with you today that you will put the best leader in control of our nation. The leader who is a Christian and who lives his life based on faith and who has YOU in the center of his life. I pray that the man who considers our nation to be "Far from a Christian Nation" loses today. I pray that the man who isn't afraid to say "God Bless America" will prevail. The majority of our country believes that today will be a new day in history. That a new face promising change is the definite winner. I believe that today is going to be a shocking day in history. But not shocking because today will be the day of election for America's first black president. But shocking because today the nation will be rocked when your will is done and John McCain is announced as President. If anyone performs miracles it is you Lord. No one believes this conservative is going to pull this off. But I know that in your hands, it can be done. I pray that as people are out voting today, they don't vote for someone just because of color. That they vote for the man who has the experience and the heart to bring this nation back to its roots. That all of the traditions our forefathers fought so hard to put in place, continue on. That our Constitution is RESPECTED not criticized. John McCain knows America's foundation and respects her greatness. 10 years from now I want my son to be able to bow in prayer in the huddle with his fellow football teammates during a game and be proud of it! I want my son to know what it means to work for what he wants and to learn the struggles of what it takes to be a man. I don't want him to grow up expecting handouts, thinking the more he does nothing, the more he will get. I pray that today at the voting polls the morals and values that were instilled in us by our parents prevail and swarm our hearts leaving us with only one way to vote. I pray that people will not see this as an election of Republicans versus Democrats, but instead a competition between two men. I pray people have studied their pasts and have paid close attention to what they stand for, for the sake of our future. And make a decision based on that. You are my Father in heaven and you are the reason we are all here and the reason our country exists. I haven't forgotten to thank you for all you have given me and our world. I pray no one else has either.

In your name I pray,

Thanks for the prayer Nellie!


Stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!!! You Texans are too much!

Amanda said...

I voted McCain also. How could you not? I was hoping that the press would be wrong but apparently not. Too many people got excited that it would make history if they voted for his opponent, not deciphering if he is the right man for the job or not, but just that it would make history if he won.
Crazy! But McCain's speech tonight was beautiful I thought.

Hope all is well with you girlie!

Stephanie said...

I got this forward too. Wonderful!

Well, you know how I voted. And we lost. I have to admit I'm a little scared. And contemplating a move to Australia! Ha!

lovelylalo said...

If I could afford it, I'd be there with you! LOL

The next 4 years will be interesting...