Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thirstday Thirteen: Events

1. Started reading ECLIPSE

2. Got my Hair CUT & Highlights (YES AGAIN)

3. Looking for a NEW apartment

4. Cancelled my MySpace~due to an EX Friend {STALKER}

5. Bought a New Camera~Just don't know how to upload pictures yet!

6. New Blog Layout~I don't know how to sign on-I can't find the SIGN ON tab! Argh!
I had to leave myself a comment so I could sign into the blogger account to do a new post! LOL

7. A DAY @ the SPA with my Non-Stalker friend Nellie

8. Tonight I am meeting with my dear friend Chris for a drink or two
a. We are celebrating his promotion to V/P-Exploration
b. My Return to THE company
c. He has bought me some Logo Shirts to wear back on my first day-Nellie you'll owe me LUNCH-O

9. Girls Nite Out Friday w/Daisy and Company

10. Taking the kids shopping for FALL/WINTER clothes

11. Date with Russ

12. Taking Kostas to the airport so he can pick up my friend from Denver....she is moving here to live Happily Ever After!

13. Flying to Denver with Chris next Friday to see the house in Steamboat!


Stephanie said...

Lots of fun things!! Trips, shopping, Edward, drinks...what more could you ask for?!?!?!
Love the layout..very cute!
Sorry about the ex friend, stalker..that sucks!

April said...

Oh my LAWD, you are a busy, busy woman! And a stalker? Eek! I'm so glad you are on the Edward-bandwagon too. Do you just love him or what? :-)

lovelylalo said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE strange. LOL I am really digging this series. I thought my friends have lost their some of mine think the same of me! LMAO!!

Nellie said...

And you bought your ticket to go see Edward on the big screen!! How can you leave that off? Oh, I know why-he deserves his own post that day :) And life coach says "about time!" to #s 3, 4, 5, & 8b. Holy crap I love daring you to do stuff (8c), can't wait!!

Stephanie said...

I agree with DW - how could you leave off your ticket?! Haha!

Busy girl! Enjoy your spa day!

Amanda said...

My you are busy! So, why did you make your way back to work as I left? ;-)
You are always getting your hair done...but it seems to get cuter and cuter so I guess it is ok LOL. :)
The more I mess with my hair the more I regret it! :)