Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Dating Prospects

This is what happens when you search for a match online! It is complete madness. I have been talking to most of these guys for a few weeks and have met a few and have plans on meeting up with a few. I am TRULY taking things slowly and just wanting to get to know them, even if it is sort of a friendship approach first. My summer is going to be interesting. Here is the breakdown of potential Mr. NEXT.
This is Eric-41. Such a sweetheart, been talking for a few weeks over emails and text messages..he had asked for phone number and then informed me he started seeing someone. He was topping the list until he said that. We have talked a couple times because he said you never know how these things will end up and he wanted to keep my contact info. I find him very attractive and very easy to talk to. He is just making the list because he is hawt! LOL
They say variety is the spice of life, they couldn't be more right!

This is "J" I met him Tuesday night. He invited me to his softball tournament so I thought what the heck. I can see him in action. He is adorable. We actually met up for a drink after the Astro's game last night too.

Then there is "Airplane Eric"-31. I call him that because I met him on a flight from here to Phoenix. We have talked more lately and we may hang out soon. He is sweet, sexy but I don't think there is a lot of potential for great conversations.... I think I'll keep him around for entertainment value. He is the one NOT sticking out his tongue.

Who doesn't want to date someone who goes by California Dreamy-44? I still haven't gotten his whole name. lol We have exchanged a few notes.

Below is Daniel-32. He lives in on the SW side of town. We are suppose to go bowling (sometime). He looks young but he tells me he is 32?!? Hmm. Love that he has a picture standing next to this car?!?! Men are so strange. If it isn't a car it is a dog?

This is Trey-35, who lives in B.R., LA but has family in Houston. Potential long distance relationship? Those usually don't work out.

This is Robert-48: Been divorced twice, 2 kids age 19 & 5-what a spread eh? Nice guy but a little older than I am use to dating. Maybe I'll take up a Sugar Daddy! Hmm. j/k! *did you notice the DOG!*

This is Chad-32. I've been talking to him on and off since last time Nellie put me on a dating website. We are suppose to meet for coffee or wine in the next week or so! He has invited me out before but I chickened out! Lame I know.
This is Mark-36, I am not sure what is going on with him, we have been talking the past couple days but the email started out as: Good luck in your search for someone special: perhaps that was his way of testing the waters.....he seems witty and nice so we will continue our messages and see what happens. I can always use more friends,no? Nellie would disagree. lol

This is Mike-33, he has given me the phone number so I am sure our texting connection will begin soon.

This is Steve-42. He plays the guitar and is very down to earth. We have yet to meet. Still working on the email correspondences. He does not look 42!

This is Alex who is 'new' to Houston from Austin. I am suppose to show him around. Might be fun. He is 32.

This is Jazzy Jeff. He is 30 and lives in the 77002. I have had him over for dinner and we had a good time talking. He seems cool but he may be more of a "good guy to know" friend thing? We are suppose to go to the roadside carnival Saturday afternoon. He is fun.


Nellie said...

Airplane Eric? How nice of you to make it sound like he has potential. You love a blast from the past don't ya? haha! And don't knock a BR-Houston relationship...married 5 yrs remember? So as your self appointed life coach, I'm voting for the guitar player...that's a skill may be able to hold your attention.

April said...

My favorites (from pic and what you wrote) "J" and Steve! J looks very cuddly, athletic and scruffy...I LOVE some slight scruff on a man. ;-)

Steve, looks cool, maybe like a rocker dude. He could be fun!

Good luck with the choices girly! I think you are going to have a lot of fun dating!!

Stephanie said...

How on Earth do you keep all this straight? You have got to have one hell of a planner girl!

I like the idea of "J" - he seemed pretty cool when you were telling me about him yesterday. And the guitar player is pretty cute too. So is the first guy.

Decisions, decisions....

Colleen said...

Wow - 13 prospects! What a predicament! :O)

I vote for "J" and "Mark" - but what does it mean that Jazzy Jeff lives in the 77002? Is that a posh zip code to live in?

lovelylalo said...

No real meaning, means he is near and it is fairly posh! It is the downtown zip. In Houston you can meet someone and find out they live an hour and a half away from you with no traffic problems. That is just harsh on the wallet *gas*. LOL

This list was somthing silly that Stephanie said I could do for a TT.

I agree with you. "J" is awesome and Mark is adorable. We shall see. I am already exhausted. Doesn't help that I am not a huge phone person. BLEH!

Jennifer said...

They all seem like nice guys so here it goes.

1.Stevie (all about the guitar) picture all this in your head. nothing hotter than a good looking man with a guitar :P

2.California dreamy

3. J

now as for Daniel check his ID. no woman wants to go to jail. a woman like us couldn't survive that place

have fun on all your exploring:P

Anonymous said...