Monday, June 9, 2008


Breakfast: 2 Cups of Fruit-Green Grapes, Pineapple & Honeydew
Lots of water

Snack: An apple and more water

Lunch: Baked Potato (plain) Salad (no dressing) and you guessed it: More water

Snack: Strawberries & Raisins w/yet more water!

Dinner: Same as lunch but I will be adding some grains and we can not forget that water.

As some of you know, I have piled on a few beach destinations to my summer travels so now I am trying to get a kick start on the reduction of my winter fluff. Why I have that, I have no idea, Winter in Houston is when people start to go outside and do things. I think we'll just call it my body clock working off growing up in Colorado.

I am not trying to lose any crazy amount of weight but you know how we get when we look at all those swimsuits. I have done this program before with my old trainer (who moved to Germany!!) and it was great. I can honestly say that it made me feel cleansed and my taste for food really changed for the better. I can NO longer put any type of salad dressing on my salads. It kind of grosses me out. I actually enjoy the taste of the vegetables in the salads. Go figure. I use to use Ranch dressing for everything, French Fries, Veggies, Steak, Chicken even Ice Cream (okay not really ice cream but you get the point). I may be feeling it a bit by Wednesday but I am going to stick with it and feel refreshed at the end of it all. Which by the way is a 2 week detox. By the 2nd week I do get to add some turkey and chicken. Last year when I did the detox I lost 8 lbs and kept it off for over 6 months. I think because my taste buds couldn't quite handle all the garbage I use to shove down my mouth before without realizing it. Until this day I still can't finish an adult meal. Before I use to eat mine and clean off the kids plates. Just something to blog about today.

I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

It is the social life we lead that makes it all so hard. I am having to make a date for this evening at no food will be involved. Hmmm. LOL


Nellie said...

I can always count on your detox about 4 times a year...and you cheating on the no beer part! Good luck with the tastelessness!

Amanda said...

You are much stronger than I. I don't think I could eat a salad w/out dressing! Good luck! Have fun at the beach this weekend.

Stephanie said...

Wow - look at that - DW got her computer back on! Haha!

You will have to let me know how this goes. Does it work? I've lost a dress size and gotten a muscle (woohoo!) but have not seen much in terms of actual weight loss. Keep me posted!!

Stacy said...

Hmm... sounds interesting. I may just hae to try it myself. Heaen know ALaskan winter can sure contribute to some "fluff".