Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Julia Goolia is Back In Texas!

Julia & I @ the Kemah Boardwalk 6/2005??
I don't know why it is so small.
My beautiful friend-Inside and Out! Glad you are back in Texas with me!

I haven't had much time to BLOG about anything but I feel bad for not posting...so here is a little bit of what has been going on in my world.

1. My BFF from Michigan moved back to Texas. Yep, after 3 years of badgering her she finally took the plunge. She lived here back in the day and had left after a childhood friend of hers was in an accident and needed to be cared for. That is just the type of person she is. She left TX and went to VA. She stayed in VA for a year or so and then found herself in tough situation. Moving over there and having plans fall from beneath her she moved back to MI which is home for her and her two children.

Anyhow, years have passed and we still talked on the phone as often as possible...those of you who know me, know that I am not a big phone person but she is near and dear to me and I always enjoy our talks. This girl knows EVERYTHING about me...maybe too much! ;-) Now she is back I couldn't be happier to have her here.

We are on our FINAL mission to live a healthier lifestyle and I think we'll be a great team for one another. We have been planning our meals, our exercise routines and dreaming about the day we'll be able to run a marathon (or something really physical). I am her motivation/coach which in itself is more motivation for me. I guess I like to be bossy and in charge! lol I just hope she doesn't hate me at the end of all this because once I have made something or someone my Project it is ON!

2. I have started to plan how my summer will pan out. Initially I was thinking of going to some exotic destination every other weekend or something but the more I thought about it I just felt like this is the perfect time for me to focus on me and just relax. The boy and the girl are in Washington with their father and they are doing great. I get to talk to them everyday and they send me text messages and emails all the time. I do miss them very much and can't wait for their return at the end of the summer.

3. I have been doing a little bit of dating too. Something I haven't done a great deal of since my divorce. I am not looking to rush into anything just thought I'd see what is out there. So far things have gone pretty well. It is just so hard to date, especially as a single mother of two beautiful children. My son thinks I should be with some special. I guess he sees that his dad has a wife but Mommy is alone. Lauren on the other hand likes things the way they are and insists that I have her and Darren and that is plenty. I know the kids and I spend so much time together and I truly enjoy everything we do...whether it is lounging around the house watching silly movies or going to the park and playing board games. They are my world. So for me, dating is exciting but at the same time nerve wrecking. I know most of my blogger buddies are happily married but for me it wasn't "til death do us part". I am always very torn on being happy with my kids and finding my Mr. Next. I will have to keep you all posted on how this summer goes. I figured since the lil ones are gone I can take a bit of time for me and see what's out there. RIGHT?!?

I don't find being a single mother challenging what I do find almost impossible is dating as a single mother. Bleh!


April said...

I was wondering when you'd post again!
Yay! For your best friend being back! I love my BF and can't imagine living out of state away from her, however, we both have been talking about it cuz they wanna move to FLA and me and the hubs have been talking about moving to NH.
And ugh...dating...I always hated the "dating" part. SOme people love it, but I was never one of them! And I can totally understand how it must be so nerve-wracking dating as a single mom...I give you a lot of credit. I'd probably be a basket case! LOL Good luck! Take it slow. :-)

Amanda said...

I'm sorry that you're missing the kiddos! :( I know that would be hard.
But it is a good time to date without dragging them into it. Good luck and only accept the best-what you deserve!
I'm so happy for you that your bff is back in the state. Y'all will have so much fun together again!

Nellie said...

So does this new healthy kick mean no more pizza either?? haha. Keep up the dating b/c I love the stories...and giving my unsolicited advice!

Colleen said...

Its the summer of LALO! (Get the Seinfeld reference? OK, maybe its obvious...moving on.)

I am a bit envious of your summer plans - whether there's an exotic trip or not, I think you and your friend are going to have a great time!

So tell me...how long till you have her blogging, too? ;op

Kendra said...

Yay for you for having an exercise partner. I really need someone to keep me in line when it comes to dieting and exercise. :)

Your kids are so lucky to have you as their Momma. I think that it is good you are dating but that you are taking it slow also and that their opinion matters so much to you.

Have a good week sweetie. K~

Kendra said...

Check out my blog, there is something there for you.

Stephanie said...

You were supposed to call me and tell me more about what's going on. You forgot about me :)

Yay for best friends moving home. Hopefully mine does soon...

Jennifer said...

best friends are great to have especially close by. glad to hear your bf moved back....

now think of all the fun trouble you can get into:P

Stephanie said...

Just thought I would let you know youre not the only single momma out here in blog world!! ;) I have a 5 yr old, and cant imagine dating..its such a tough topic. Good luck with that though..I'm sure you will find someone great for you and the kids! We all deserve that!