Friday, June 27, 2008


Houston Astro's vs. Texas Rangers 6/25/08
My first time sitting in these seats! Pretty sweet. Plus you have those handy beverage holders!
The downside...this guy's head blocking my view. What a view it is! I had to crack up because during the 7th inning stretch this dude was zoomin in on a blond babe. He had it so close to her that you could almost see what she was thinking! Ah ha. Poor gal had no idea. Thank god she didn't pick her nose or something.

Check out the view on Oswalt!!!
So close...yet so far away!
Lee is the MAN!!! CRACK!
It's all good inning! I was keeping morale up! ;-)
Just looking to my right...WUT!!!
My dear friend Myers, who is kind enough to invite me to these fun events. Too bad he didn't let me drive his Corvette. Maybe next time! I love attending these games.


Kendra said...

I love a guy in a baseball uniform. **sign** .... well let me rephrase that .... I loved my hubby in his baseball uniform! lol

Next time you make him let you drive that Corvette! :)

Great photos.

Stephanie said...

Now, I am no baseball fan but maybe I would be if I ever had seats like that! Haha!

Nellie said...

I love when we get those seats...but I have to watch my beer intake so that I'm not that girl that reaches out and tries to grab me a player. And I thought he didn't wear that ring when he was out with you? haha!

Jennifer said...


we are trying to get tickets for the aug 1st game.. i hope we're able to. i'd really love for the kids to see one while we're down there.

April said...

Holy CRAP, you were wicked close! And here I was so proud of my seats in the eight row at a Red Sox game. ;-)