Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Past Week

The past week or so has been quite a busy one for us. The kids are enjoying their summer break and have done many activities so far. My super sweet friend Heather actually picked them up yesterday and took them to the Children's Museum. Her nieces and nephew are in town and she figured my little ones would enjoy going with them and they did. Lauren came home with her face painted and she looked so cute.
They are especially enjoying any and all time they get to play Rock Band and have become quite the little experts.It is so cool to have them listening to the music that I grew up with. Before Rock Band, I had never imagined my son saying, "I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers" and "Metallica".
The kids spent some time with their cousins and grandma recently. Darren is a good big brother and he is also very good with his little cousins. He is the oldest of all the grand kids and he is so good with all of them. Not to mention that he is the ONLY boy. His cousin Kendra just loves him.
I had a gals night out this past weekend and we had a lot of fun. We went to some concert/club that I had never been to before. It wasn't exactly my cub of tea but because I was with the ladies I had a good time. I now know how it feels to walk among 5,000 people like a huge ant farm. I actually had to call it a night and retire a little early due to the body heat of all these concert goes. We played some pool, drank some drinks & did a little bit of dancing. I really must look into taking some salsa dance lessons. :-/
Yolanda, Rosalinda & I @ the Duelo Concert
Update on my DETOX: Going great! Day 2 and going strong. The detox is much easier to do in the summer time. One: It is hot outside and that makes me less likely to feel hungry and Two: There is nothing like salads, veggies & fruit on a hot summer day. Plus I already drink a lot of water. I will start my workouts when I return from Port A.


Stephanie said...

Rock Band is awesome! I have not played in awhile though. Need to get on that.
I have not taken Karys to the kiddo's museum here yet - we took her to the one in Chicago though and she loved it. I'll have to put that on my Summer To-Do List.